First Few Weeks On My Own

It’s been the first two weeks on my own. It’s hard for me to write about it, probably because I don’t really know exactly how I feel. Sometimes it’s harder than other times. The making my own decisions isn’t difficult for me, it’s more not having the constant support of family and friends. The nature of my position makes it relatively hard to meet people my age (or at least it feels that way) until I enlist in the army.

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     The word מיסרד הפנם should translate to: Hell. It doesn’t…but it should. Literally it means: Office of the Faces (it’s one of those phrases that doesn’t translate well), but in reality it’s the immigration office. It was here that Abba and I spent our last day together. The day began with a purpose, finish my enlistment process. The day before, I discovered, by word of the Jewish Agency, that I am Jewish (something I’ve known for a while now).

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Los Angeles – Roma – Tel Aviv and the Perils of the Israeli Bus System

To finally be in Israel is surreal. To be living out a year of planning is hard for me to comprehend, let alone put into writing. But here I am, בארץ. My Abba and I left Anchorage Wednesday morning at midnight. The tears flowed fully. It seems weird, but I think saying goodbye to the home was the most difficult part. Probably because of what it represents; I know my family can come visit, but I won’t see my room

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