Life in Israel

I realize that most of my blog posts are about the army process, so I decided to write one on just kind of day to day life here and a few interesting stories. As most of you know, I’ve been staying with various families around the country. All have been very welcoming and warm, but I’m still getting used to calling people I don’t know and asking to stay there. To think, a few months ago, I disliked calling people

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The Tzav Rishon

I made my first real step towards my enlistment this past Monday. Until this, everything was fairly hands-off–send a form and follow it along its way–but this was real! The Tzav Rishon translates to “First Order” in Hebrew. It typically occurs Junior year for Israelis and encompasses a number of medical and mental tests that allow the army to both approve teens for military service and to place them in a suitable role. Mine began early Monday morning in the

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