Jews: Then and Now

Mornings sort of lose their meaning in the army. Everyone has their perception of when morning begins – and what’s considered early or late. But the army has quickly destroyed that perception for me. Weeks of waking up ungodly early has made “morning” a meaningless word. Morning is whenever my commander says it is. Whether it is 3:00 am or 7:00, pitch black or with the sun slowly creeping over the mountains, I’m tired regardless. I’ve stopped focusing on whether

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Living it up in the IDF

First thing, please excuse any grammar or spelling errors, I’m writing this all on my phone. Pretty crazy last few weeks. I gaduated from basic training at an old British prison in Acco, went to a memorial for a fallen soldier, began my Hebrew course, and ran a 10k with some a army buddies in Tiberius. Currently, I’m sitting, er, standing on a bus on my way back to base. Sunday mornings are crazy; every soldier is trying to get

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