Army Difficulties and Relief

The army is not fun. Let’s dispel any confusion. It sucks most of the time. Getting woken up at 5 am to the commander whispering in my ear: “Five minutes, everyone dressed and outside, go!” — Not Fun. Holding push up position for 8 minutes because guys in your unit smoked cigs at the wrong time: Shitty. Having every moment of my life regulated and timed, that sucks. Never in the army am I “comfortable.” I’m always too tired, too

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Quick Update: Nahal and the Real Deal

I’m currently on the train to Beer Sheba and only have a little time to write, but thought I’d give a little update. It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, and since then, I was told which unit I will be joining. I am now in Nahal, one of the five infantry brigades. They have a lime green beret, red/brown boots, and carry the micro tavor assault rifle. As such, I happily traded in my black boots for

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Gibbush Tzanchanim and Graduating from Mikhve Alon

This week has been the busiest, most intense week at Mikhve Alon, but definitely my favorite. I arrived Sunday knowing that the week would hold the tryouts for tzanchanim and our graduation from our hebrew course. 5 out of the 13 people in my Tzevet decided to do the gibbush so there was a nervous atmosphere hanging over our heads on Sunday. We went to bed early on Sunday in preparation for an early Monday wake up. 4:00 am, Monday,

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