Beyond Bitcoin: Why Ethereum Could Change The World

Smart Contracts, DApps, and ICOs will become the new internet. Ethereum brings them all together Part 1 and Part 2 You’ve read my two previous articles on Bitcoin — and if you haven’t, start with those — watched a couple of YouTube videos, and finally saw that documentary on blockchain that’s been sitting in your queue for a year. Maybe you even brought up Bitcoin at Thanksgiving during the lull between your grandma talking about how she doesn’t usually like turkey because it’s so dry

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Gold or Garbage: Is Bitcoin Worthless?

Why Bitcoin is valuable and why demand will increase for this virtual currency Part 1 to this series In last week’s episode of Blockchain for Grandma, I provided a brief overview of bitcoin’s development, explored the difference between bitcoin and blockchain, explained how blockchain works, and earned a few good laughs…okay….eye rolls. Unfortunately, the response from grandmas was mediocre at best. So this week, now that we have a bit of a foundation of understanding, I’m going to address some of

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Is Bitcoin Really All That Special?

A simple explanation for Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology Bitcoin will hit 50k — 100k! Blockchain is set to revolutionize the world! Get on the boat or miss out! It’s the new internet! The rallying cries echo from proponents of all types from all corners of the industry and internet: on Reddit, Twitter, Forbes. Bitcoin is a scam! ICO’s are fraudulent! It’s a bubble! It has no real value! For every supporter of this market and technology there seems to be an opponent with

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The future of cryptocurrency exchanges: Kyber Network v. 0x — should you invest?

Kyber Network and 0x may one day rule cryptocurrency decentralized exchanges. Which one has the brightest future? Kyber is an emerging decentralized exchange. The platform ultimately has several unique aspects that separates it from both centralized and other decentralized exchanges. Vitalik Buterin is an official advisor for the project. In contrast, 0x is a platform, not an exchange. 0x allows any user or application to set up a decentralized trading application. It is already being utilized by a number of

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Couldn’t Stay Away

It’s surreal when a dream becomes a reality. And not in a corny, awestruck, just met Justin Bieber kind of way. Surreal in the sense that when I dreamt about returning to Israel – the friends, the family, the steaming shawarma after a night out, I was living in a fantasy; now I’m confronted with reality. I fantasized for so long about returning that I feared it might not live up to my expectations. It’s my nature to live in

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