I really like ideas. I’m always looking for that next idea that inspires me, excites me, makes me want to understand it so I can share it with others. Writing is how I share what I love. I think that economics, politics, psychology, and philosophy are different sides of the same square and I focus on exploring the intersection of all four. 

I start companies and work with ones that interest me. I think that our ability to innovate is what makes us human and I have confidence in my own creativity and in those around me. If you have an idea you think I should hear, let me know. If it’s interesting I’ll write about it. 

I like standing on top of mountains. Standing above and looking down gives me perspective on my place in this world and on my ability to define it. You’ll find all my content on this website, from earlier blogs of mine, to my tech blog published from Medium, and short stories and other creative writing of mine. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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