The Bakkuum and Mikhve Alon

I’m a soldier. It’s a whole new world. New rules, food, locations, clothes. After arriving early morning to the enlistment location in Tel Aviv, myself and several hundred other men and women waited in the cold morning air while groups were called and put on a bus. Family members were crying and taking photos and a nervously excited atmosphere hung over everyone that morning. Considering most people there were chayalim bodedim and have no immediate family, I can’t imagine what

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Tomorrow It Begins

I don’t have much time to write, but just wanted to post something before I enlist tomorrow. I spent all today shopping and packing and now have a bundle of army grey wool socks and olive green T shirts. I have food, my leather man, a watch, some extra clothes, and toiletries; the rest of what I need, the army will give me tomorrow. I got a haircut and shaved and now, all I need is a uniform 🙂 I’m

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