What Crypto Can Learn From Russia’s War On Telegram

Telegram’s war with Russian authorities may soon become crypto’s war — we should learn wisely Lessons from Telegram and lessons from ZenGo: Building decentralized and censorship services in a centralized world Telegram has been the white horse in the battle for data protection, privacy, and open-source software. They’ve taken on Russian censorship head-on, reportedly survived multiple FBI infiltration attempts, and faced down crackdowns by at least 6 different countries. What many crypto and blockchain proponents fail to understand is that Telegram’s war will

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The War For The Soul Of Cryptocurrency

Under The Guise Of “Protecting The Consumer,” Crypto Regulation Might Destroy All That Is Good Imagine if we embraced the Cryptocurrency craze — even with all the scams and greed — for what it is? What if, instead of regulating it, we let it run virtually unchecked — if instead of focusing on its shortcomings, we lauded its accomplishments? Because, today, we are in desperate need of a paradigm shift. Since the crash, we are now faced with our biggest challenge yet, and the ideology is in

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Did the Cryptocurrency Revolution Fail?

Blockchain Seemed Poised On The Edge Of Greatness — Is It Dead? Nothing brings change like a revolution. If successful, they disrupt the status quo and nothing is ever the same again. If they fail, they fail in catastrophe, with bodies swinging from the gallows. But whether successful — the American, French, and Internet revolutions — or failures — the Boxer Rebellion in China or the Great Jewish Revolt against Rome, they are milestones of history. Some fail because outside forces brutally crush them and some fail because the

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